People'S Hospital, Mansfield, OH

People'S Hospital

597 Park Ave E
Mansfield, OH 44905
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Phone: (419) 526-7300

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Hospital News

2016-10-27 20:24 - Man fights rare cancer with twin's identical stem cells

Bruce and Blair Johanson always knew that they were identical twins, even though a medical intern told their mother when they were born that they were fraternal. Fortunately for Bruce,... [read more]

2016-10-27 19:50 - Mom overdoses in car with baby in backseat

A startling new photo shows an Indiana woman passed out behind the wheel of a car after an apparent heroin overdose with a syringe clutched in her fist. [read more]

2016-10-27 17:59 - Kids get swine flu from pigs at state fairs, CDC reports

Pigs at family-friendly fairs are responsible for infecting children with a type of swine flu not previously seen in humans, according to a report published by Thursday by the US... [read more]

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