Leonard Hospital, Troy, NY

Leonard Hospital

74 New Turnpike Rd
Troy, NY 12182
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Phone: (518) 235-0310

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2014-11-01 01:19 - Man cured of arachnophobia after doctors remove part of his brain

A British man with a fear of spiders went under the knife and came out a brave, arachnid-loving new man after his left amygdala was removed, scientists say. The amygdala is an... [read more]

2014-11-01 00:59 - Officials did not 'prove' Kaci Hickox quarantine 'necessary': judge

Defiant nurse Kaci Hickox can ride her bike all she wants. A Maine judge on Friday rejected the state’s attempt to quarantine the freewheeling nurse who recently returned home from... [read more]

2014-10-31 23:59 - De Blasio administration considering wellness plan for city employees: Labor Commissioner

City employees might want to lace up their walking shoes. [read more]

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