Leonard Hospital, Troy, NY

Leonard Hospital

74 New Turnpike Rd
Troy, NY 12182
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Phone: (518) 235-0310

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2014-09-01 00:01 - Dont Catch What Ails Your House

It doesn’t take a flood to encourage the growth of mold in a home. A moist environment will do. A runny nose, coughing and all the rest typically follow. [read more]

2014-08-31 02:00 - Stress fractures are one of the dangers of playing sports

THE SPECIALIST: An associate professor at Mount Sinai, Dr. Alexis Colvin is an orthopedic surgeon who sees patients of all ages, primarily for sports injuries. As the Chief Medical... [read more]

2014-08-31 02:00 - Trading work for workouts is a smart move

Can’t afford that pricey boutique gym class? No sweat. You can pay your way in to a number of New York studios by joining their cleanup crew. [read more]

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