Wheeler County Hospital, Glenwood, GA

Wheeler County Hospital

Glenwood, GA 30428
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Phone: (912) 523-5113

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2016-07-29 03:03 - Scientists find cancer in million-year-old fossil

Ancient bones, and ancient cancer. This may affect the way we understand the disease. [read more]

2016-07-29 03:00 - HospitalPortal.net Announces New Client: Womens Care Florida

Womens Care Florida plans to go live in one month. [PR.com] [read more]

2016-07-28 18:37 - Florida officials investigating 4 possible non-travel-related Zika cases

Health officials in Florida are now investigating four possible non-travel-related cases of Zika virus, the state Department of Health said Wednesday. [read more]

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