Wheeler County Hospital, Glenwood, GA

Wheeler County Hospital

Glenwood, GA 30428
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Phone: (912) 523-5113

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Hospital News

2016-09-29 18:13 - 'Artificial pancreas' for type 1 diabetes wins FDA approval

The Food and Drug Administration approved a so-called artificial pancreas Wednesday. The first-of-its-kind device, the size of a cell phone, monitors and treats patients with type 1... [read more]

2016-09-29 17:55 - Weight bias is bigger problem than you may think, experts say

Fatness was an unexpected topic at the presidential debate -- and many obesity experts now say that they are concerned about what was said. [read more]

2016-09-29 17:30 - Special delivery for cancer-stricken father

There is never a good time to find out you have cancer. But the bad news couldn't have come at a worst moment for expectant father Cagney Wenk. [read more]

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